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3D printing

My Wanhao Duplicator 4X 3D printer
I got myself a Wanhao Duplicator 4X 3D printer to play with...


Here are some miscellaneous 3D prints I've made.
Aeon new concept
This is a model of my Aeon new concept kit car.
LuCiD 3
I designed some electronics and case for a project for work.
Richard Jelbert
A while ago, a friend of mine sent me a 3D scan of himself.
Alanco 4-wheel steer
The company that makes the Aeon GT3 also makes a crop sprayer. I make a component for them.
Triple DVD drive
In order to get more DVD drives in my computer, I've made a triple DVD holder
I've started work on a martian from War Of The Worlds


The software I use.

Other ideas

Other ideas
I'll also list some of the other ideas I've had. Quick list:
  • Case for the ArcCommand game (maybe make it with a new LCD)
  • Rear light holders for my Aeon
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