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LuCiD 3

This was a project I was making for my work, Ascom Network Testing. The idea is that it's a little LCD which you plug into a USB port of one of our company's hardware, and it'll tell you details about that hardware.

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The name comes from a UI in an LCD. This is what it looks like:

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The display is a 160x128 pixel 18-bit colour LCD with a touch screen so you can also control the hardware.

Unfortunately the person who wanted it changed their mind as to exactly what they wanted, and so it didn't get further than this. As this was the third design I'd come up with (the other two didn't involve 3D printing), I'd had enough of spending my own money on this and told him to either make his mind up, or I'm out. He's not replied yet...

It does mean I've got 5 spare LCD screens I can use for other projects though!

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