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I've decided to have a go at making a 3D model of the martian from Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds.

Due to the modelling of the martian a few years ago, I had a fairly decent initial design, but it wasn't really designed to be 3D printed.

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This, on the face of it, looks okay (this is after putting it through MeshMixer to generate supports):

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The main problem is the really thin parts, and also objects that intersect each other:

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I could spend ages sorting it out, or I could embark on something a little bit more exciting...

Needless to say, I decided on the latter...

The main aim is to have something that is made out of multiple parts, with bits that need to be glued, and moveable parts where possible. The test prints are in red, because that was the colour I happen to have in the printer when I started. I may move on to another colour later on, but when it comes to making final parts, they'll be grey.

Day 1 - Initial design for the foot
Day 2 - Final design for the foot
Day 3 - Ankle and shin
Day 4 - Lower thigh
Day 5 - Upper thigh
Day 6 - Knee

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