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Martian - day 1

I initially imported the STL file into DesignSpark - but it was too unwieldy to use:

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So I decided that I ought to start from scratch - and as I'd need to build it up, start with the feet. I was never happy with the feet for the Lightwave version - but none of the pictures of the martians in the album had any feet, so I'd made something up.

The 7-disk collector CD did have an original drawing with feet in it - but they are a bit basic, and I don't think they'll suit rough terrain. It does mention that they are arranged in a Y-shape, like a microphone stand - but there's no 'toes'.

I decided to model it on human feet - to a limited degree, and since it would also be Y-shape, I designed 1/3 of the foot, with two jointed sections:

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And with the object replicated, and rotated by 120° and 240°:

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I added a bit of a hexagonal section above it, and part of the ankle - and then printed it as a single print.

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