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Marcos Mantula rebuild
A friend of mine has a Marcos Mantula, which I'm helping him rebuild.
Detling Kit Car Show 2008
Here are some of my pictures of the Detling car show - mostly Sunday afternoon, but some for the setup day (Friday)..
Exeter Kit Car Show 2007
Here are some of my pictures of Saturday morning of the 2007 Exeter Kit Car Show.
Aeon build
You can get a build diary of my Aeon GT³ that I've decided to build.
My next kit
I've not decided what my next kit car will be. These are my choices. Of course, I've now made my mind up!
JC Locust
My JC Locust is my current kit car, using Mk1/2 Ford Escort and Triumph Spitfire componets.
RW Karma
I had an RW Karma for a while, until someone got shunted into the back of it.
This was an idea for a project, but I didn't take it on.
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