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Test drive of the Aeon GT³

After a brief stint in Eurpoe, the Aeon made its way back to Aeon Sportscars' base in Kent. This meant I was able to get a test drive, and arranged it for 2nd September.

I don't have any pictures of the test drive itself, but before I talk about it, here's some pictures to remind anyone who can't remember the previous page :)

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First of all, Keith took me around the local area - apparently John's more into speed and handling, and he's done a spot of race driving - however, it was fine for me to get a feel as to the suspension and how close the steering rack was.

After about 5 miles, it was my turn for a drive.

The first thing was to find which gears were where - the gearchange wasn't the most positive of shifts, but it wasn't the slackest I've driven. Then, dip the clutch stick it in gear and drive off. The accelerator was stiffer than my other cars - not really a problem.

Getting to the junction at the end of the road, though, I couldn't find the brakes! I wanted to push the steering column in - the brake was probably the same distance from the accelerator as my Locust, but with the clutch further over, I was expecting it not be a bit further over. Since Keith was to my right, hopefully the Spitfire driver thought he was driving :). Next time, I'll remember to find out where the brakes are before setting off!

This car is quick in my books - I know I haven't driven quick cars (the Locust is the fastest one I've got, but a Nissan Sylvia I drove for one evening is probably faster) - but this was nice. You're able to drive high gears at low speed and still pull (this was one of the things that Keith had shown me on his stint). Getting to 30 was no problem, and when we got to the national speed limit, 60 was about the same speed. I did't do any mental timings - I was mainly concentrating on keeping the car on the right place on the road. Getting used to the central driving position didn't take too long, but I had to think about it from time to time.

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The only problems I had were accidentally dropping it from 5th to 2nd instead of 3rd (which wasn't really much of a problem as there was a queue in front), and the low wind-jobby - I've decided that I'll either have to get a new pair of glasses (I've just spent £180 on them, so that's not going to happen), or get the full windscreen (which is a bit more expensive, but does give protection to the passengers). It is also possible to put a soft top on it (assisted by a full rollcage).

Back at base, we talked about the various options, and I had a look at some of the other bits they have there - a very large crop sprayer was currently being worked on, all built from scratch by these guys. While not exactly a kit car, it is the same sort of thing - just on a much larger scale. Behind it was one of their chassis for their Blaze car. This one is being prepared for a racer, and has a Hayabusa engine in it. The chassis is very similar to the Aeon, but is slightly narrower (the Aeon has side pods). It's also two seater instead of the GT³'s 3 seats - however, the suspension is the same.

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Next, it was time to look under the Aeon's body:

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This is almost definately going to be my choice - there's a kit car event at Brands Hatch later on this month, and I'll go along to that to let John take me for a spin.

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I think this is it - I liked it beforehand, and I love it now!

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