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Kittens (1a)
Pictures of Leela and Fry (who died) when they were much younger.
Kittens (1a II)
I found these pictures while I was re-organising my web site.
Kittens (1a III)
And I also found these pictures at the same time.
Kittens (1b)
Here's some later pictures of Fry and Leela.
Kittens (2a)
When Fry died, I got two more kittens, Kif and Amy. Amy got run over later on.
Kittens (2b)
These were taken when I got them home.
Kittens (2c)
And these were taken much later on.
Kittens (2d)
And even more pictures.
My cats
These are my cats - Leela and Kif.
My cats (2)
More pictures of my cats.
My cats (3)
Even more pictures of my cats.
New kittens
Since the death of Leela, we've got some more kittens. I'm not going to create a sub-note for each group though, so here's a list:
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