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PCB Drill
A while ago, I bought a small CNC milling machine. I've now turned it into a PCB drill, with some custom written software.
Gerber2PDF front end (Windows)
This is a front end to Gerber2PDF. It's actually in the software section, but since it overlaps here, I thought I'd include it!
Lighting Lego
I found some pictures of some lighting I did with Lego.
2-layer PCBs
I've completed another guide to how I make two-layer PCBs.
USB switch 2
I had a problem with the earlier USB switch, so I've made a new one.
USB switch
This is a power control switch via USB.
Eagle PCB parts search
I've been working on an Eagle PCB parts search for a while; it's now time to make it more publically available.
Aeon dashboard
A follow-on from the XilVGA project, the Aeon dashboard project is one to replace the DigiDash unit with an LCD monitor. The CNC machine will also be employed to create the dashboard mold.
I needed a board for generic FPGA development with a common platform, so I made one.
I've reworked some earlier code into some dedicated hardware.
I've written a guide to how I make PCBs.
Eagle PCB Libraries
I've been using Eagle PCB for a while, and I thought it was time I shared some of the component libraries I've done.

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