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Gauge placement

Gauge placement

I did a rough layout plan for the dashboard gauges based on what I was expecting to use. The gauges are as follows:

  • Speed (measured)
  • Revs (ECU CANBus)
  • Fuel level (measured)
  • Water temperature (measured or ECU CANBus)
  • Oil temperature (measured)
  • Oil pressure (measured)
  • Boost (ECU CANBus)
  • Inlet temperature (ECU CANBus)
  • Fuel pressure (ECU CANBus)
  • Battery voltage (measured or ECU CANBus)

Some of them can be taken either from the ECU (which I'm luckily using one with a CANBus interface), or measured using the existing senders I've got for the DigiDash unit.

Anyway, here's what the XilVGA is plotting:

Click to download

Unfortunately, the camera doesn't really like the contrast, so is getting a lot of the reflection off the screen. It also can't seem to auto-focus either.

Other things that will be displayed are:

  • Brake fluid warning
  • Indicators (these may need to be replicated by LEDs)
  • Fog light warning
  • Side/dip light
  • Main beam warning
  • Current MP3 track (I want to give it an MP3 playing capability)

Gauge placement

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