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Earlier code

While I'm basing it on some earlier work, it has been rewritten because the previous version did not need to worry about a number of things:

  • Small RAM usage (I've only got 64K RAM to play with)
  • OLED driver chip is a bit limiting, and is a little slow (previously, it was able to access the screen directly - the new code does not do this at all)
  • Smaller screen
  • More colours (the previous version uses 256 colour display; this can use 18-bit display, but it does switch into an 8-bit driver mode [it still shows 18-bit, but means it's quicker to write pixels if you're not too worried about the other bits])
  • I've removed references to other things, and reorganised the display. This means I have not copied ANY code, graphics or text from anywhere else
  • Analogue joystick
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