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Prototype (Overview)

Description of prototype

The design consists of two single-layer PCBs, soldered together with a gap. The final board is anticipated to be a single two-layer board (may be more layers if I can squeeze more functionality out of it).

The board size is 97mm wide by 64mm tall. It uses USB for power, but can theoretically be driven by a battery pack. I would like to have a recharging circuit in there if possible.

Top board - UI board

Top of prototype

160x128 OLED display (18-bit colour)
Analogue joystick (also has switch, which is not wired).
Reset switch

Bottom board - main board

Bottom of prototype

USB connector (currently only used for power)
Power convertor (5V to 3.3V)
JTAG programming connector
SDCard interface (will probably be dropped from final version)
Audio interface
3.5mm stereo jack

Yes, there have been some board modifications to fix problems I hadn't forseen, and yes, they are held with blue-tack. The PCB designs have already been back-ported with the changes.

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