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Garage - planning permission

Because my neighbour complained to the council about the size of the garage I was building, I had a few days of worry.

I had done my homework - I'd been to the planning department, and got a list of regulations that I needed to follow, and designed the garage according to those rules.

The rules were basically:

  1. The total height of the garage must be less than 2.5m
  2. The total amount of land used by all the outbuildings must be less than 50% of the total land I own (excluding the land occupied by the house itself)
  3. The furthest wall had to be within 20m of the nearest wall of my house

I designed it so that it would be:

  1. 2.3m tall
  2. At most 44.6% of the land
  3. 18m away from the nearest wall

So imagine my "delight" when two people from the council planning office came round to measure because they'd received a complaint that I was unaware of.

I got the reply back after 4 days, and, as expected, the garage did not require planning permission.

The actual size was:

  1. 2.33m tall
  2. 39.41% of the land
  3. 17.8m away from the nearest wall.

There was an additional regulation that I wasn't aware of - that the eaves had to be less than 2.5m tall. Since the overall height had to be less than 2.5m anyway, this wasn't a regulation that I needed to worry about (but I did have a worry when the people from the council planning office measured the eaves).

I decided to write a note that was two-fold.

Firstly, I'd been asked a few times if I needed planning permission for it, to which I'd told them the three regulations, and that it didn't.

Secondly, to let my neighbour know that I knew it wouldn't need planning - and he'd made an arse out of himself, effectively stopping any friendship and trust I had with him.

This is the note:

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