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Here are some images I've done in LightWave

Life on Mars - full version

Since I tend to put the most modern stuff at the top, you'll need to look a bit lower to see the originals.

A while ago, I made a view of a Martian from Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds, and put it in a 'Martian' environment. The ultimate goal was to get it produced as a canvas, and hang it on my wall. I eventually did it:

Click for bigger version Click for bigger version

It was rendered as a 300DPI TIFF, and it's 40"x18" (1016x457mm) in size.

Note that this room is due for redecoration shortly!

Lasers in smoke

This is more of a tutorial on how I've created lasers in smoke.

Life on Mars - Phoenix

I've been playing with my Martian model, and did some compositing with one of the Mars Phoenix images produced by NASA. Since I've been asked for it for wallpaper, I've done several versions of it.


Click to select desired resolution

All the images derive from the 5968x1626 image (which is actually twice the resolution of the compositing images I created, so the lander looks a little pixellated at this resolution).

Dual-screen size

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Since I've got two 24" monitors in the office, I can use this image (across both screens).

Single-screen size

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Unfortunately, the image doesn't really lend itself to being used on a non-widescreen monitor.

Life on Mars

Click to download

Second version:

Click to download

The War Of The Worlds album cover

I already had the martian - time to have a go at recreating the album cover!

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