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Passport To Tomorrow

This is my second album, but I didn't do a lot of tracks for it. I've recently moved away from Cubase and back to Logic (now Apple Logic 7.0) - since all of the tracks were done on Cubase, it won't be easy to transfer them without some form of change.

Note as of 27th June 2007, I've decided to make them available for downloads - click on the title of the track to download the MP3. They are Copyright © and Produced by Jason Tribbeck 2001-2007.

Anyway, the track listing would have been:

  1. K-Art (3:55, 3168K)
  2. Equinox (shop theme) (2:10, 2032K)
  3. Equinox (main theme) (5:06, 4792K)
  4. Passport to tomorrow (11:01, 10342K)
  5. Monty On The Run (Paranoic Drive remix) (5:22, 6297K)

The Equinox tracks were written for a game I am in the process of writing, and the last track is a remix of the Commodore 64 main theme for Monty On The Run - I may re-do that later on...

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