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ArcCommand code history

(C) Jason Tribbeck 2001

Unified beta release

This release is compilable for both RISC OS (the original development OS) and Linux. The Linux port was based on Beta build 1110 of the RISC OS version, and the unified release was based on Linux beta build 68. The Windows build was first achieved on build 95.


  • RISC OS build 95 was released 2002-01-27
  • Windows version was alpha'd 2001-11-07
  • Unification was completed 2001-09-08
  • Linux version was completed 2001-09-03, with minor enhancements.
  • RISC OS version was beta-released 2001-08-19

Bug fixes and features added

Build 95

  • Added real instruments and sound effects
  • Added klaxon when energy reserves are low
  • Added simple animation to player (flashing lights)
  • Fixed bug where high score table sometimes wasn't written
  • Dropped 'beta' from build versions - this is real!
  • Added Windows alpha version (sound is slightly odd)

Beta build 73

  • Unified build system between Linux and RISC OS

Linux beta build 68

  • Added new inter-level graphics

2001-08-19 (RISC OS Beta build 1110)

  • Added new title banner (thanks to my brother, Chris, for that)
  • Modified AI to prevent flying in straight lines/circles cheats (probably still needs work)

2001-08-18 (first beta version)

  • Added damper on/off controls
  • Added Shift-Escape for immediate exit during game
  • Added cloaking of enemy ships
  • Modified AI slightly (still needs work)
  • Added better firepower for enemies
  • Implemented freeze/unfreeze keys
  • Added Print key to screensave
  • Fixed explosion bug when player is shot after ejecting, but before the self-destruct sequence occurs
  • Enemies still attack player ship after ejecting
  • Tidied up some graphics (to assist in compression)
  • Added velocity and rotation indicators to display

2001-08-03 to 2001-08-17

  • Created software sythesis engine (8 & 16 bit players)
  • Created compressed music creation tool
  • Created compressed music playback
  • Added some music
  • Added some sound FX


  • Added end game text
  • Added continuation of play
  • Added high scores
  • Added new background graphic for text


  • Player can now be destroyed
  • Player can now eject
  • Escape pod can hit enemies
  • Warning text messages can appear
  • "Shields on" appears on scanner when shields are on
  • Title page is now displayed
  • Calibrated scanners


  • Player can now be damaged
  • Added shield code
  • Added explosion graphics
  • Added energy bars
  • Added score
  • Added command count
  • Modified clamp code (ready to enable the keys)
  • Changed enemy bullet style
  • Designed opening page (not implemented as present; available on web site)


  • Added simple enemy AI
  • Added enemy bullets
  • Speeded game up
  • Corrected rotation (possibly still a little fast)
  • Bullets can hit player
  • Added feature list
  • Reduced enemies to 8 (more than that and they keep shooting each other!)

2001-07-20 to 2001-07-22

  • Added new IRQ code for gameplay, non-IRQ for plotting
  • New graphic on RHS
  • Added scanner
  • Added debris
  • Modified keyboard layout

Pre 2001-07-20

  • Basic game engine
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