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Dune II - The battle for Arrakis
The Acorn version

Converted by
Eclipse 7th ARM Systems

Original version by
Virgin Games Westwood Studios

This is the Acorn version of Dune II. If you do not have a Acorn-based machine, then this will not work.

After attempting to contact Westwood studios regarding this, I have not had a response back from them. Since there are many sites around where you can easily downlload the PC version of Dune II, I have decided to release the Acorn version. If Westwood want me to remove this, then I'll be happy to. In the mean time, enjoy!

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What does this contain?

This contains pretty much all of the CD version of the Acorn Dune II. The only things removed from this are the introduction, and the off-game music player. It has had all patches applied to it (StrongARM, RiscPC sound), and is the latest version of the code. If you have 8MBytes or more, then music should be available.

Downloading it


There isn't really any. This version has only really been tested on a StrongARM RiscPC, but the code has not changed since the last CD patch (with the exception of the CD protection code removed). There are four scenarios that I can see you wanting to email me.

  1. If you do have problems with the installation, then feel free to email jasontribbeck.com. However, I don't really have time to sort every problem out...
  2. If the game crashes while playing, then feel free to email jasontribbeck.com. Unfortunately, I don't want to spend any time fiddling with the code too much...
  3. If you want help playing the game, then please look at some of the Dune II help sites dotted around the 'net. If you do email me asking for playing tips, then I'll call you a pudding head, and not give you any tips.
  4. If you want to email me congratulating me for doing this, then email jasontribbeck.com.
There is also a fifth scenario:
  1. You're a representative of Westwood Studios, and you want me to take this off. Email jasontribbeck.com. Before you do this, please check your query database for query #010526-000682.

Note that I will not reply to free email accounts such as GMail or Hotmail



Copy everything out of the archive onto your hard disc, and play from there. You'll need to create a Saves directory - do that from the main icon menu.

Installing on a PC

THIS WILL NOT WORK ON A PC (unless you have an Acorn emulator - use the emulator to install and play the game).

Manuals, boxes and so forth

If you want a manual, box, or an entire copy (with the bits missed out here), then CJE Micros have stocks. I don't have the prices, so it's best to contact them to find out.

Acorn Dune II

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