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What works with it and what doesn't?

Practically all programs works with it, except for those which have a limited buffer for the filename size. Some of these will work, but will truncate the name. Others may crash.

I hope to maintain a list of those which works with long filenames (and their limits), and those which do not.

FilerYesWill only display upto 64 characters with RISC OS 3.5+, and will not resize the window on RISC OS 3.1 or earlier. In RISC OS 3.5+, you can rename the file, etc - it is only truncated in the menu/display.
DesktopYesWill only allow double-clicks on files less than 203 characters in total, including the filing system name and pathname.
MaestroYesI'm getting really desperate here!
SonorJnrYesUpto 51 characters, depending on zoom level
SonorYesUpto 56 characters, depending on zoom level
WebLoad IIYesUpto 63 characters
Impression PublisherKindofWhen loading and saving, Impression will truncate to 10 characters. Version 4.11 tested. It loads the correct file if you have two which start with the same 10 characters.
Ovation ProYesUpto 63 characters
Replay (standard)YesUpto 171 characters
Sibelius 7NoSibelius will crash if long filenames are used. Version 3.50 tested.
Sibelius 6UnknownIt is expected that it will perform the same as Sibelius 7.
Sibelius JuniorUnknownAs Sibelius 6.

If you have tested it with another program, please give me details of how well it works. Simply email jason@tribbeck.com, stating the information above.

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