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Notes on 32-bit version

There are a few things that are currently known as not working on the 32-bit version:

  1. The splash screen isn't present (probably not a biggie) Fixed 2018-04-02 in Jenkins build 13
  2. There are no sampler drivers, so you can't sample anything
  3. If you create a new sample and click on "OK", then it 'll hang indefinitely create a crap sample. This is because there are no sampler drivers, and it's waiting for the non-existant driver to finish... not filling in the memory correctly. If you want to create a blank sample, click on "Create" instead of "OK" in this dialogue box. Hanging indefinitely fixed 2018-04-02 in Jenkins build 13
  4. Input oscilloscope and FFT windows aren't working for the same reason as above
  5. The output FFT isn't working Fixed 2018-04-02 in Jenkins build 13
  6. Saving a sample as a module will produce a 26-bit module
  7. The crash dump code has been removed
  8. The playback routine is the same as it was on the original Archimedes - which means Acorn μ-law playback.
  9. The version numbers are all over the shop. I can't currently compress a new image for the splash, and I can't find my template editor that works with RISC_OSLib+

If you find anything else that isn't working, please feel free to email jason @ this domain

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