Desktop Tracker sample format

Although Sonor uses Armadeus samples by default, if you want to keep all the information, then the Desktop Tracker format is the best one to save the sample in. Its format is:

00..03Special word 'DskS' (&536B7344)
04Note at which sample was recorded at (13=C2)
05Volume of sample (ignored by Sonor, and set to 127 if saved)
06..07Reserved (set to zero)
08..0BPeriod (Period = 1.6384e10/Frequency)
0C..0FRepeat start *
10..13Repeat end *
14..17Sustain start *
18..1BSustain end *
1C..1FSample length
20..3FSample name
40...Sample data
* - These are ignored by Sonor, and set to zero when saving a sample.

Note that if you want to keep the repeat/sustain/volume parts, then SonorDTT will be available when Desktop Tracker 1.5 is released. SonorDTT will be designed specifically to edit Desktop Tracker samples.

Note: Desktop Tracker 1.5 was never released!