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Manual written by Jason Tribbeck.
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VTi copyright policy

At VTi, we believe that wherever possible, our software should not be copy protected, thus allowing you to easily make backup copies of the software, or run it from a hard disc. We do sometimes have to make exceptions to this rule, but the decision to protect a program is not taken without a great deal of thought going into finding alternative methods to protect our copyright.

This means that we are asking a great deal of trust, and our future as a software supplier, in your hands. We ask you not to abuse your position - by all means recommend and demonstrate our software to friends, but please do not give them a copy. If you do, you will be doing harm to everybody, including yourself, as we will no longer be able to supply improved versions of our software at low cost to present users such as yourself, or to have the money to invest in new projects which will help increase the Acorn user base.

We have every faith in our users, and believe that we can safely supply our software in this unprotected form. Help us to help you - Spread the word, not the disc!

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