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About !Thieves

This is a card game where you have to clear a selection of cards. The table is split into three sections. The top shows the list of cards that you have to clear, the bottom left is the deck of 'spare' cards, and the bottom right is the current playing card.

Starting game

You can select a card from the top to put onto the bottom right card, but it must be either one higher or lower in number (suit doesn't matter). Note that the cards do not 'wrap' around - ie. you cannot place an Ace on a King. Different cards score different amounts.

Mid game

If you cannot select a card, then you can turn over a 'spare' card, which becomes the current playing card.

Jokers a wild, so you can place anything on them.

If you clear the cards on the top, then you get to start over again, keeping your score.


ISTRC that the original was written by Microsoft. Anyway, this version was written by Jason Tribbeck, in 1993. It has been re-linked to allow it not to require UnAppComp, but apart from that has been unchanged since then.


The only one I've found is that it doesn't quit when you click on the close icon.

This has not been fixed in the 32-bit version either :)

Download Thieves (32-bit)

Download Thieves (26-bit)

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