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Using a different microphone

If you are using the standard microphone that came with the VTi printer port sampler, VTi SoundByte recorder, Argo SoundByte record or SEMERC ReSound, then you have to be very careful to record phrases at the same level, the same distance from the microphone. This can be very difficult, but there is a way to use a headset-style microphone with these samplers (if you are not aversed to a little soldering).


What you need is the following:
  • A 1.5v battery
  • A 3.5mm stereo jack socket
  • A phono plug
  • Some shielded audio cable
  • A switch (optional)
  • A box (optional)
  • A 1K resistor
  • A PC-sound card compatible headset microphone (ones supplied with modems work well)
The circuit you need is very simple, and is as follows:
No images? You'll have to download it!
If you don't have a switch, then simply wire the negative connection from the battery to the earth.

How much does it help?

A huge amount. It will be much easier for the software to pick up the phrases, as they are recorded at the same levels. I have been able to use two completely different samplers with the same headset, and it still recognised my voice.

Important note

I cannot be held responsible for any damage to the sampler. There isn't really a lot you can do to the sampler with this circuit anyway.
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