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WindowRd is a simple window reading application.

!Help for !WindowRd

This is a very small utility to grab windows off the desktop. Simply double- click on it, and when you press BOTH shifts at the same time, the window underneath the pointer is saved. This can include other windows on top of it, and also menus.

It is very handy for the preparation of manuals and so forth, as there is no fiddly positioning of the pointer. This is particularly useful when in large screen resolutions.


To quit WindowRd, use the task manager window.

Possible problems

Due to a bug in !Paint (or even RISC OS), 32K colour grabs may cause an extra pixel to the left of the window to be grabbed as well.

This can also happen with other screen pixel resolutions.


This program is PD, and can be freely distributed, provided this copyright message is included unmodified.

© Jason Tribbeck 1995-9

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