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Steel Cobra

After seeing a couple of web sites where plans for models of the Elite Cobra MkIII are available, I decided "Hey, I've got some sheet steel left over - let's make a steel model."

This section of my site is a kind of diary of the design, construction and (hopefully!) completion of this project.


Last modifiedItem
2003-01-29Preliminary - paper models
2003-01-29Design and materials
2003-05-28Items I've got/bought that may be/are used.
2003-02-10First day
2003-02-10Second day
2003-02-12News and appearances
2003-02-15Third day - preliminary
2003-02-15Third day - actual work
2003-02-16Fourth day
2003-02-22Fifth day
2003-03-03A quick update
2003-03-10Sixth day
2003-03-19Seventh day
2003-04-05Another quick update
2003-05-29Eighth day
2003-06-13Ninth day
2005-01-09What's happened to it? I've been building a trailer, and it's taken up all my space in the garage. As soon as it's complete, I'll be able to start work again on the Cobra.
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