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Steel Cobra

News and so forth

On the 10th February 2003, this project was announced on the Iconbar. Since it was being frequented by a number of Slashdotters, I got rather more coverage than before (in fact, hits to the web server increased 24 fold).

Not only was it on Iconbar, it also found its way onto alt.fan.elite, which surprised me.

As a result, quite a few people came across it, including the Witchspace creator (John Mackay), who had also had a little wander of my site. He's going to keep an eye on what I'll be doing... Additional: Dan Lind (the Sirocco Station) creator has also heard of it, and has asked if he could link to my site (which I will do once I'm back home - unless he reads this first!). It's nice to know that they're watching!

More steel

Although it was my intention to use all the sheet steel that I had, I ordered some more sheet steel (and some other bits) today. This sheet is thinner (it's 0.8mm thick instead of about 1.2 that I've currently got). This will be used for the top parts, where strength is not required.

The other steel ordered was some 48mm diameter tube (3mm wall thickness) for the undercarriage, and also some 89mm diameter tube (again, 3mm wall thickness). This is mainly for some 802.11b antennae I'll be making, but the other 5 metres or so will be spare, and will probably form parts of the undercarriage as well (such as the feet).

Hopefully this will all turn up before the weekend so I can start work on it.

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