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Steel Cobra

The web sites

The two web sites that have influenced my design are:

Thanks to Rich Goodwin for the links

The models

Witchspace's Cobra Mk III is the 'cleanest' of the three - in terms of the original template, which has no styling in it - it's just the basic shape. As a result, it's very easy to see where to score the paper in order to get the folds in the right place.

Sirocco Station has two models on its site, the first one ("Cobra MkIII") is a fairly standard affair, with minimal colouring, and the second ("Noel's dented old Cobra III") has some interesting effects to make it look 'used'.

However, none of these have the necessary 'tabs' used if you are gluing (or double-sided sticky-taping) it together.

In addition, I'm not very keen on the dented Cobra - some of the edges which need to be joined arent' necessarily the same length, so trimming of the model 'in situ' was required when I made one. Also, the two mid-top points at the back are a little too widely spaced for my liking.

I do like the Witchspace model, but the back of it leans inwards at the top, which makes it look a little odd.

As a result, I will probably be using Sirocco's first design as a basis (although it'll be mixed with the Witchspace model).

Making the models

I have made all three models (or at least designs based on them).

Sirocco 1 - "Cobra MkIII"

For the first Sirocco model, I just printed out the original, added tags, and stuck it together. Being made out of paper, it's a little flimsy.

Noel's dented old Cobra III

For the second Sirocco design, I used the GIF provided, put it into Xara Studio, and then put my own triangle mesh based on its design (it was from this that I found that the sizes of edges changed). Instead of using basic photocopier paper, I used some 250gram photo-quality paper, which gives it a lot of stiffness. This was used as my basic template until I was told about the Witchspace model. However, it did allow me to work out how big a model I can make, and how much more steel was required.

Witchspace model

The Witchspace model I again used Xara Studio to create my own mesh - however, this one was much better in its layout. After creating the basic mesh, I then put some patterns on it to make it look worn (like the dented one), and also some legs to see how it looks.

After construction, I added some vents and the like - just to see how it turns out.

Picture of the Sirocco 1 model

Click to download
Frontish view

This was assembled in a bit of a hurry - with sellotape on the outside (I didn't have any glue in the office)

Picture of the Sirocco 2 model

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Frontish view

This has the measurements I'd made of the verticies in preparation of the steel model.

Pictures of the Witchspace model

Click to download Click to download Click to download
Front view Rear view Side view
Click to download Click to download Click to download
Underside view Side view
(with legs)
Front view
(with legs)

Comparison picture

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Rear view Side view

Comparison 1: note the different shape between Sirocco 2 and the others

Comparison 2: note the angle of the back of Witchspace

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