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Steel Cobra

A list of the items owned or bought, and their actual or possible use

ItemOwned or boughtPossible use
Sheet steel (3.3mµ, 1.2mm thick)OwnedPanelling for the outside and inside of the model.
25x2.5mm flat bar steel (32m)BoughtFrame and mounting moving parts.
13x2.5mm flat bar steel (8m)BoughtEdging
80x3mm flat bar steel (~3m)OwnedReally large bracketry, gussetting.
Various R/A steel sectionsOwnedSome more bracketry.
48.6mm (3mm thickness) diameter tube (6.5m)BoughtUndercarriage
Sheet steel (2mµ, 0.8mm thick)BoughtTop/interior panelling
88.9mm (3mm thickness) diameter tube (6.5m)BoughtUndercarriage
2 300mm gas springsOwnedMoving items, such as legs, or holding panels open.
Windscreen wiper motorOwnedAnything where a powerful motor is required.
128x32 LCD graphic display unitOwnedCockpit instrumentation.
Lots of LEDsOwnedCockpit instrumentation (although I don't have any blue ones yet...)
Photocopier laserOwnedFront weapon.
Pneumatic stuffBoughtUndercarriage
Action ManBoughtPilot

And more to be added when I get stuff

The steel turns up

On 5th February, the steel finally turned up. The delay was caused by the snow activity that occurred in the UK the week before. There was one slight difference - the steel was in 6m lengths instead of 4m, which meant that I had 30m instead of the 20m I was expecting. Oh well - enough for two! Anyway, that meant that I could start work on the 8th (being the first weekend with everything I needed).

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