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STLCutter 2 - Day 5

Today was luckily a dry day, so I took the Aeon to the workshop. I now needed to do work with the frame that was made earlier.

The idea was to make it look like this:

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The welding clamps made sure they were straight, and I measured from the back of the foot to the vertical section.

After welding it, I put the carriages on the rails, and then bolted the Y-axis frame to the carriages.

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It glides very smoothly!

I added some braces to give it a bit more strength (although I've no idea why the picture ended up so dark - I think I was using a long zoom).

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Since there isn't a lot of horizontal force on the rails, I only bolted one every three - which happened to give a symmetrical pattern (quite by accident).

The next stage was to make the motor mounts - I used some right-angle steel, and welded it to the side:

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And then some thick flat bar was welded to fit the ballscrew bearings.

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I may make an alumimium cover for it in case it gets kicked (it's very low).

For the ballscrew attachment, I did a similar thing for the Y-axis, except I welded the plate instead of bolting it (this is only tacked on; it'll be welded more thoroughly later on).

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Finally, I attached the Y-axis rails and Z-axis unit back onto the Y-axis frame to see what it looked like completed:

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I did have a slight incident which almost caused me to abort during the manufacturing of the ballscrew plate - while drilling a 48mm hole, the drill suddenly made a crunching sound. I found I'd ripped half the teeth off the hole saw.

Luckily there was another one, so I continued with that - however, I hadn't realised the remnants of the teeth were still in the hole, and promptly ripped a few off that one.

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There were enough for me to finish off the hole from the other side though. And luckily, Keith doesn't seem to use the 48mm hole cutters, so I don't need to immediately go off and buy a new one.

So, I'm reasonbly on schedule - the plan had always been to spend 2 days on each axis, apart from the X-axis, where only one would be required (since the frame had already been made). Next Monday, I was planning on starting to wire it, but there's some finishing off to do (like making a new Z-axis motor mount, and also an X-axis motor mount, tidying up the welding and making cable supports).

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