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STLCutter 2 - Day 6

These pictures were actually taken on day 7, since I'd forgotten the memory card for the camera.

On Saturday, I repaired the Mondeo - I had a spare driveshaft when I had a similar problem the other side about 18 months ago, and I just swapped it.

Anyway, today was a bit of tidying up - unfortunately, I'd walloped my thumb with a hammer during the repair, making it a bit difficult to hold things.

Another problem I had was the welder I had on Friday was in use by someone else, so I had to do things that didn't require a welder to start off with.

I made some bars and some slip rings to allow the cables to slide without moving over the piece. I made two - one for the Y-axis and another for the X-axis. The Z-axis doesn't have enough travel to require this.

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I also made the other two motor mounts. The Z-axis motor mount was also drilled, with the right-angle brackets tapped.

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When I got the welder back, I welded on the two cable holders. The X-axis motor mount wasn't welded because the motor couplings (which needed to be swapped for 14mm parts instead of 16mm - they should've arrived today).

I then mounted the Y-axis and X-axis limit switches - I'm not happy with the Y-axis one for the moment, so I may change it later on. The X-axis mounts are fine.

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I also want to put some home switches in - I'd prefer to use some hall-effect sensors for them though.

And I called it a day at that. Tomorrow, I should be able to get the wiring sorted out, which means Wednesday is movement day!

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