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STLCutter 2 - Day 11

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While the two weeks that I wanted to spend on the machine were up, there's some more things that need to be done to it to make it a much more capable machine (as noted in the "Aftermath" section).

Almost immediately after the end of the two weeks, I ordered a fourth ballscrew, motor, bearing blocks and controller to allow a second X-axis screw to be fitted to the other side. This will eliminate any problems with play (particularly at the resonance frequency). I also ordered an additional coupling to replace the one that had been drilled too far.

I also took the opportunity to get some pieces laser cut - some bearing block mounting plates, motor mounts and ballscrew mounting plates. They were designed so thet would lie flush to the frame and align perfectly.

Unfortunately, it took a while for the stepper controllers to turn up, but when they did, I scheduled a visit to Keith's place to start preparing the machine for them.

Since Keith only has a half day on Saturday, there wasn't a large amount of time to work on it. As a result, the only work I was able to get done on it was to strip the blocks off. I learnt that the X-axis was not designed to come apart readily, so I may work on it.

In addition, as the pieces had been laser cut, they blunted the taps I was using very easily, and I soon ran out of taps to make nice threads. Luckily I've got some at home that were given to me by my neighbour who used to work in a factory which made cam shafts for engines (so they should be pretty good).

In October, I've got another week that I can spend on the machine to finish it off - although I've also go other things to do at home, so I'll weigh one against the other...

Oh, and it looks like we may have our first customer (who happens to be a friend of Keiths).

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