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STLCutter 2 - Day 12

Re-attaching the ballscrews

Since I'd removed the ballscrews the other day, I now needed to weld them back on.

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The pieces I had laser cut were tapped prior to welding (it's a little easier when you can put them in a vice).

The motor mounts were also tapped and welded.

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Note that the fixed bearing block takes four bolts, whilst the floating block only takes two. However, all the pieces were drilled with 4 holes, and only two were tapped for the floating blocks.

I did the same the other side, and mounted the ballscrew as a measure.

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Excellent. The laser cut pieces made the job so much easier.

I then did the Y-axis mounts.

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Note that it's just tacked on at the moment - additional braces will be required (certainly for the motor).

I then attached the Y-axis frame to the ballscrew nuts.

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I could have made the boltable, which would make it easier to detach should the need arise. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my M6 allen-key headed bolts - but found some countersunk ones that will hold it in place until I can find them/

I then had a re-think for the Y-axis mounting - I decided that it should be mounted flat to the vertical mounts, rather than perpendicular to it. This would mean that it would consume less space.

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I also had to remove the display and driver mounting bracket, since the new position of the Y-axis ballscrew now reduced the X-axis total travel.

Since the plates were now flush with the vertical bar, the bolts I had won't go in far enough - so some additional washers are now used to prevent fouling.

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Tomorrow's aim is to finish off the mounts, and also get the wiring sorted out for the additional motor.

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