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STLCutter 2 - Parts list

I showed Keith (Aeon Sportscars) the plans for the new CNC machine, and we had a chat about the various options for it. He was happy that it would work significantly better than the previous version, and we agreed to make it. I then made a list of parts that would be suitable.

Or so I thought. After beginning to place a £1500 list of materials with Zapp Automation, Gary (from Zapp) corrected me on a few points, such as the whip speed of the ballscrews I was going to go for, and (later on), the power of the motors I'd chosen. So, I changed the sizes of the screws, and got some more powerful motors.

The parts are as grouped for X, Y and Z-axis, motors, computer and also the router


  • 2x2000mm long 15mm rails
  • 4x15mm carriages
  • 1x1600mm 25x25mm ballscrew (with nut)
  • End bearings for ballscrew
  • Motor coupling (16mm -> 16mm)


  • 2x1600mm long 25mm supported rails
  • 4x25mm linear bearings (with mounting blocks)
  • 1x1600mm 25x25mm ballscrew (with nut)
  • End bearings for ballscrew
  • Motor coupling (16mm -> 16mm)


  • 2x400mm long 25mm supported rails
  • 2x25mm linear bearings (with mounting blocks)
  • 1x400mm 16x5mm ballscrew (with nut)
  • End bearings for ballscrew
  • Motor coupling (16mm -> 8mm)


This is basically Zapp's CNC Driver Kit 2

  • 3xNEMA size 34 stepper motors (12Nm)
  • 3xPM2278 stepper controllers (max 7.8A)


The computer was not purchased from Zapp Automation

  • Dual-core Intel Atom Mini-ITX board
  • 250G SATA drive
  • Small HTPC case
  • Laptop size DVD-WR drive
  • EMC2 (Linux-based) CNC software
  • Home-made parallel port interface, with LCD display showing CNC position
  • 8.4" touch-screen LCD display (800x600 resolution; would be nice for a higher resolution screen)


The router was not purchased from Zapp Automation

  • Trend T10 router (variable speed, 2kW)
  • 8mm collet
  • 6.35mm collet
  • Trend water channel cutter

This router was chosen because of the following reasons:

  • It is very powerful
  • It can take 1/2" router bits
  • It has a variable speed control

I did consider the T11 earlier, but it had features that I didn't need (it's basically the same as the T10 otherwise).

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